Glossy Pops

Resting Peach Face


Leave those haters in the cold, with our Resting Peach Face lip balm lip gloss combo. Flip open the Resting Peach Face Glossy Pop top for a clear peach scented lip balm that leaves your luscious lips with a hydrated pout finish! Unscrew the gemstone handle and get ready to gloss like a boss with the clear & shiny lip gloss. Oh & did we mention the cute little peach charm? 

Step 1. Moisturize those lips.

Step 2. Gloss like a boss.

Step 3. Put on your resting peach face.

Step 4. Pucker up for a selfie.


Phthalate Free 

Sulphate Free

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Gluten Free

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