Glossy Pops

Puffy Pops Makeup Blenders 4/pack


Another cute Glossy Pops creation!!

These adorable Puffy Pops Makeup Blenders come in 4 colors and sold in a pack of 4.

These makeup sponges are durable & reusable & muti-functional. You can use it for both wet and dry products. The makeup sponge blenders are perfect for foundation, concealer, powder, BB cream, or any other face products helping to give your skin a flawless and natural look.

It's easy to clean! Clean our puffy pops with small amount shampoo. Gently rub the beauty sponge till foaming, then rinse foam & squeeze out any excess water. Air dry.

- Non-latex material

- Reusable

- Cruelty Free

- Odor Free

- Allergen Free

- Elasticity Material, soft feeling, bouncy beauty sponge.



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