Glossy Pops

I Like You Cherry Much


This cherry lip gloss and lip balm combo is the perfect fruity companion.

The ultimate selfie with this fruity lip gloss and lip balm combo from Glossy Pops.

Flip open the I Like You Cherry Much Glossy Pop top for a rouge lip balm that gets you selfie ready with our delicious Cherry flavored product. Leaving your luscious lips with a slight rouge tint for that delicious looking pout! Unscrew the gemstone handle for a clear & shiny lip gloss. Oh & did we mention the hella cute little Cherry charm?

Step 1) Moisturize those lips. Step 2) Gloss like a boss. Step 3) get selfie ready.

Phthalate Free 

Sulphate Free

Vegan and Cruelty Free

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