As we approach the final few days before the big (and long awaited) launch of Glossy Pops, we’re giving you the lo-down of the collections and all the info you need about the sassiest product on the market. With so many flavors to tickle your fancy, we’re beginning with TGI Fruity, the juiciest lip balm and gloss duo.

We’ve got watermelon, banana, strawberry, cherry and peach flavored Glossy Pops, each with a different colored gemstone handle and the cutest matching charm. Not only does the moisturizing balm keep your lips soft and kissable, you can gloss like a boss by unscrewing the lid and applying the clear lip gloss on top. Another point to mention is we’re vegan! We know the importance of being all inclusive as a brand, so that includes making sure you don’t feel guilty when glossing up.

At GlossyPops, we like to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and beauty, so you never go out of style. The fruity collection is released only shortly after the Kylie Cosmetics Summer Collection launch, featuring a ‘Banana split Kylighter’ and a ‘Go bananas super glitter gloss’. Along with the cutest banana print packaging, Instagram went crazy for the reveal of the campaign imagery- Kylie in a metallic pink swimsuit laid on a pile of bananas…

...Look familiar?

Not only this, Mac cosmetics launched a ‘Fruity Juicy’ product collection for the summer. The line featured 23 new products from lipstick to brushes, in fun bright colors. This is perfect for the bright make-up/ color pop trend currently taking Instagram by storm. You can read about our favorite color pop products and info about the make-up looks in the GlossyPops blog!

A brand on the scented trend if Too Faced who have released a Tutti-Fruity make-up line consisting of 2 Eyeshadow Palettes, 4 Blush Duos, 1 Fresh Glow Setting Spray, 12 Juicy Fruits Glosses, 8 Twinkle Twinkle Liquid Eyeshadow, 1 Banana Powder, 1 Bronzer Illuminate Pineapple Paradise Duo, 2 Fresh Squeezed Highlighting Drops, 2 Frosted Fruits Highlighter Sticks and a foundation range. The foundation itself id infused with watermelon and cucumber- how refreshing!

Despite the summer months coming to an end, we like to keep the heat going by launching in the up-coming weeks. The strong flavors of the balm are not just for the summer holidays, but to keep your days sweet all year round. Besides, soft, moisturized lips never go out of style.