Everyone knows there’s always room for dessert… The Sweet Yo’ Self collection has five delicious flavors to get excited about; Coney Island Cone, Donut Kill My Vibe, Lollipop In Lights, I Believe In Unicorns and Hey Cupcake. Each lip balm and gloss duo is designed as a sweet treat to give your lips the best moisturizing treatment, but without the sugary, sticky texture.

Is there anything better that nostalgia; reflecting back on childhood trends those ~cringey~ beauty mistakes? Well perhaps hindsight isn’t all that great when you come to realize you weren’t the super cool teen as you thought you were at the time. Trends are constantly coming in and out of fashion, many of which originating from a different era and resulting in a constant ‘fashion loop’. There is no second guessing why we love the 90’s. Not only are the ‘come back’ trends more relatable, the generation was without a doubt all about the cool girl.

The scented Glossy Pops from both the Sweet Yo’Self and TGI Fruity collection give us a hint of nostalgia from the days we wore LipSmackers in our favorite soda flavors. In the GlossyPops HQ, we’ve been thinking about some of our favorite 90’s beauty products and trends (including the not-so-hot) to give you a trip down memory lane…

Roll on body glitter

Photo credit: Amazon.com & Pinterest

Barely anything came out of these with the tiny ball application, but it helped us to ~temporarily~ live out our pop-star dream. You could also buy glitter powder with a ‘puff’ (basically a ball of fluff) to keep your skin soft and with that all-important sparkle.




Photo credit: Full House & Ashish

Scrunchies made a comeback a few years ago but looking a tad different from the Michelle Tanner on Full House days. Only recently did we realize that she was played by Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen… But anyway, they’ve gone from being a 90’s must-have to the catwalk. As well as being THE COMFIEST hair accessory ever (nothing beats coming home from work and sticking your hair in a messy bun with a scrunchie) they also look great in a low pony.


Mood lipsticks

Photo credit: Ebay.com 

There was literally mood EVERYTHING in the 90’s... Mood rings, mood necklaces and mood lipsticks? They were waxy, patchy in color and basically gross but seemed the coolest at the time.


Over-plucked eyebrows

Photo credit: Vogue 

 Just when we’ve finally mastered the bushy boy-brow trend, the Rihanna Vogue cover hints to the next eyebrow craze. Luckily, we’ve learnt our lesson from over-plucking last time so will give this beauty come-back trend a miss


Hair mascara


Photo credit: Loreal Paris & Pinterest

 A must-have for getting streaky highlighted hair and imitating the likes of Gerri Halliwell, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. Little did we know; the celebs probably went to a salon instead of using the cheap blue mascara wand that never really worked.




Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

 The best and only way to organize your accessories and beauty products as a teen. We found this one on Urban Outfitters which means they must be still making them! *orders online immediately*



Crimped hair and those double ended bobbles


Photo credit: Pinterest & Amazon.com

 You’re lying if you say you never crimped your hair. Also, can we take a moment to question why these bobbles exist? To this day we don’t see the logic behind the middle bit. The pain when your mum used to tie your hair in pigtails super tight and the ball part snapped to your skull.


Blue eyeshadow


Image credit: Pinterest

This was just the make-up norm and now many of us shy away from anything other than a neutral tone or smoky eye. Kim Kardashian was recently seen working a bright blue shadow and 2018 beauty trends show an increase in bright pops of color. Perhaps this time, we won’t be wearing the shadow right to our eyebrows.


We could go on forever with the memories but, for now, keep an eye out for GlossyPops and an exciting collaboration coming very soon… Can you guess who it could be with?