With the US launch of Glossy Pops fast approaching, here is everything you need to know about the must-have beauty product and accessory…


The Cosmic Waves collection proves that the party don’t start til’ the gloss boss walks in. The holographic shimmer makes this the perfect addition to your festival outfit. And what’s better? The amazing flavors, from Blue Skies Fruit Punch to Caribbean Coconut keep your lips smacking all day long.  Step 1) shimmer as you hydrate. Step 2) sparkle on. Step 3) get invited to VIP.

We love nothing more than a sweet treat, so we designed Sweet Yo’ Self as the tastiest smelling lip balm you can get. Flip open the candy Glossy Pop for a pastel colored lip balm or unscrew the gemstone handle for a clear and shiny lip gloss. We can’t get enough of the Donut kill my vibe inspired by our fav Hell’s Kitchen donut shop. There’s everything to satisfy your sweet tooth from Coney Island Cone to Lollipop In Lights. We’ve even added a little charm to the Glossy Pop to make it hella cute!

Get selfie ready and pucker up with TGI Fruity, the perfect fruity companion. With flavors from banana to cherry, this delicious product will leave your lips hydrated and ready to pout. The gemstone handle makes this the best accessory, and did we mention the adorable fruit charm? Other Glossy Pops include What’s Up Watermelon, Resting Peach Face and #Selfie Strawberry.

In the mood for something with a bit more color? The Chrome Lipstick collection will take you straight from day to night. Pick your perfect shade with the cream lipstick in the Glossy Pop top and a matching lipliner in the Chrome handle. Whether you want something for weekend brunch or a big girls night out, we’ve got you covered…


Photo credits: Glossypops