Last Friday we had an incredible day shooting the new collections with influencer, Hayley Bui! The behind the scenes footage is now available on Instagram highlights so you can catch up on what went down and take a peek into the new campaign imagery. In the mean-time, we’re giving you the inside scoop on how the day went ahead with our brand new GlossyVIPosse…



We head up to the studio, props at the ready, in preparation for the big day. Strong coffees were made straight away (they were needed for the early start) to fuel a busy morning.




We met Hayley and got her introduced to make-up artists Jocelyn to begin creating the first look. The make-up area was a dream- imagine a kid in a sweet shop excitement.  We’re all about the bright, shiny eye-lids and cute freckles for the TGI Fruity collection look. Oh, and not forgetting the glossiest lips ready for shooting.



After the test shots were made with photographer, Hannah, and the fruit all chopped up, we were ready to go! This is where the fun begins; we have cherries, strawberries, bananas, peaches and watermelons with the matching GlossyPops for Hayley to pose with. It’s all go on set as we direct poses and play with different aesthetics.



Want to learn how to do lip art? We’re shooting a tutorial of how to get the glossiest lips with a cute, fruity twist. We’re also shooting with Nicholas Visuals for the best video footage- Hayley totally works the camera!



Time to re-charge with some dinner and a quick rest. We’re not about starving ourselves with crazy diets- bring on the pizza!




Another strong coffee and we’re feeling refreshed for the next look. Jocelyn begins with the Sweet Yo’ Self make-up, which means lots of our fave color; pink! Add a boss fur jacket and some killer statement earrings and we’re good to go.




Playing with all sorts of treats on set- we’ve got donuts, sweeties, ice-cream, cupcakes- you name it! They also make the perfect afternoon snack- We couldn’t resist a bite… or two. The GlossyPops have never looked so good with the music playing and the energy upbeat. We can’t wait to see the final photos!




We’re picking up the pace as it’s time for the final look- Cosmic waves. We’re going full on glitter glam with slicked back hair and smoke machines (yes, smoke machines!). It’s festival and party vibes all round with this seasons must have beauty product and accessory. Glit up!


Want to know more about Hayley? We’re having a fun Q & A about all of her beauty secrets, favorite products and Glossy Pops insider knowledge. We also played a fun game which will be available to watch on our social channels, including Youtube very soon. Watch this pace!
IT’S A WRAP! Such an incredible day and so much fun with our newest member of the Glossy Posse, Hayley. The team have worked so incredibly hard to make each GlossyPop collection look and styled to perfection.