Why We Love the KKW Fragrance Campaign

Body positivity is something we have always felt strongly about at Glossy Pops. We are slowly shifting away from the fashion trends of using the same slender models in magazines, catwalks and social media. The power of campaign imagery is always quite remarkable when you see how much impact it can have on such a large audience.  This is why we are so excited about the KKW Fragrance imagery. The first images released on the KKW Fragrance Instagram since May showed a woman’s body in a relatable and realistic light. Instead of shying away from a realistic representation of a female body, Kim Kardashian used a range of women of different sizes, ages and skin tones to make it more relatable to her audience.  


 "In the magazines I would look at, everyone was super tall and skinny, and I didn't feel like I had something that represented my curvier body shape growing up. And so I just wanted to show a campaign that supports women of all different shapes to feel confident within themselves."


After a rocky past of promoting negative ideals (hunger suppressant lollipop, we’re looking at you!) it is so refreshing to see a change. Despite the fragrance bottle itself being a mold of Kim’s body, the beautiful, sensitive campaign photos capture a range of women to promote body positivity with a message- every BODY is beautiful. Stripping everything back, revealing only the simplest forms of a naked body creates a deeper meaning than any of her previous campaigns to date. Eliminating Photoshop, re-touching and using minimal captions in the Instagram post emphasizes Kim Kardashian’s step towards healthy body image in young women.


"I was talking to some friends of mine, and I had seen a couple other people re-create the [original KKW Body] campaign and I just thought, You know what? It's not always about my body," she explained. "The bottle obviously is my body shape, but I always celebrate and love confident women no matter what shape or size they are."