Forget about the smoky eyes this season and make room for the bold, the daring and the brightest make-up to make your face look oh-so on trend. Despite our love for autumnal colors (we’re talking deep purples and burnt oranges) that make the ultimate sophisticated going out look, we can’t get enough of the colorful craze that’s happening this summer. With specific focus on the eyes, the amount of cut creases, bright liner and unusual colored eyebrows are all the range on social media. However, it does seem rather intimidating at first; going from a natural/barely-there make-up trend to something that is very -out there- isn’t there easiest for us non-make-up artists to grasp. Not to mention a pretty wild transition that certainly gets heads turning in the office.


Pinterest and YouTube are other great options to find new ideas and inspiration for practicing the trend within your comfort zone- whether you dare to use multiple contrasting shades at once or ease yourself in with just a small pop of color. Make-up fanatics are loving the creativity and amount of play that enables self-expression- and we’re totally loving the exciting looks that are popping up on our feed, breaking from the repetitive looks on MUA accounts. We’ve done a round-up of some of the best make-up palettes and brands that let you explore and experiment with the newest trend.


Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

Despite we still LOVE the naked palette released by Urban Decay numerous years ago, the bright alternative gives a full spectrum of color to play with. The brand doesn’t leave a color out so you can go all rainbow in one look.


NYX Love You So Mochi Palette

A brand that is a little easier on the purse strings yet doesn’t compromise on quality. We’re loving that orange and blue side-by side, instantly giving us some eye make-up inspo! Also, the shimmer in the eye-shadows gives a fun alternative to a matte texture. Perfect for trying to pro-long the summer and pretend it’s not ending…


Kylie Cosmetics Yellow Eyeliner Pot

A look that’s popped up on the ‘Gram a few times is the yellow liner with a smoky eye. Kylie Cosmetics is one of the best examples demonstrating a fun pop of color to add to your make-up when you’re getting a little bored of the same-old black liner. Add a smidge of matching shadow to the corner of your eye to finish the look.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Palette

We love the mix of mattes, glitters, brights, metallics and autumnal colors all in one place. The yellow, blue and coral are shouting to be experimented with, but why not combine with a metallic to give double the sass.


ASOS X Crayola Beauty- Face Crayons and Mascara

A recent collaboration is the ASOS X Crayola Beauty as a fun, quirky addition to your make-up routine. Not to mention the cute branding of the nostalgic wax crayons and felt-tip pens we used as a kid. Instead of going for eye-shadow or liner, make a statement with a bright mascara. This vibrant blue one will 100% get heads turning, and make you feel like the coolest babe at the same time.


Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette

Not for the faint hearted, this Huda Beauty palette holds luminous shades and contrasting colors to go wild with. Although smaller in size, the compact quality is great for travelling with and the quality is just as high.