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With our favorite couple crowned Love Island winners, we now have to come to terms with the fact it’s a WHOLE YEAR until Love Island returns (cry). Looking for new ways to entertain ourselves in the evenings, we began to reflect on the best moments that made the 2018 series so great.

1. The first time Danny Dyer made an appearance on the show. We were waiting all series for that moment, and although short but sweet, it was definitely worth the wait.
Photo credit: ITV 
2. When Dr Alex sent his baby flying during a pushchair race. The episode where the couples are challenged with a baby is a part of the show we all look forward to, this year did not disappoint. Not only did one baby lose an arm, one was sent flying out of the pushchair and across the garden… We can only pray this wouldn’t happen with a real child in a few years to come.
3. When Laura had to ask ex Jack questions written by ‘new’ Laura. Awks.
4. That moment when Josh re-entered the Villa with Kaz, resulting Georgia to be single. We witnessed a young girls heart get broken on national tv; we would say it’s too sad to watch, but that would be a lie.
5. When we lost how many times Megan changed her mind about which boy she liked, it was hard to keep up. Although we don’t condone breaking girl code (seriously, not cool Megan), the couple made it through to the final and are now one of the strongest couples of the series.
6. When Eyal kissed Megan in front of Alex. The two were competing for Megan ahead of the recoupling and the kiss seemed to seal the deal. Fans were in uproar about Eyal’s ‘snaky’ behavior, especially in the Twitter community…
7. When Rosie gathered the whole house, just so she could confront Adam with an audience. These are seriously the moments we live for- pass the popcorn!
8. In case you missed it, Georgia is an extremely loyal person. And there are lots of memes to prove it… 
9. Then she went and kissed Jack and broke her own loyal morals. We’ve heard so many sides to this story but whoever kissed who (it was Georgia, right?) resulted in her popularity with the public plummeting, leaving her to be in the bottom for the vote.
10. When Jack failed the lie detector test. The nation was routing for him… But they ended up winning and living happily ever after (we hope).

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