The Best Of Halloween

As soon as that first Autumn leaf falls, we’re already starting to think of the best Halloween costumes. Whether you’re the type of person to go sexy (Regina George style) or like to do something light hearted and ‘outside of the box’, no-one can resist a bit of dressing up-right? This year the make-up artists around the world (by which we mean the world of Instagram) are showing the most insane skills and Halloween inspired makeup looks giving us some serious inspo to try for ourselves. We’re all guilty of Googling ideas so we can earn ourselves ‘best dressed’ at the party, but we’ve selected ways to SLAY the spooky theme without you having to trail through the internet.


  1. Bride of Chucky by @ohmygeeee

The simplest of dressing up but so effective and not too ‘been there, done that’. Gina’s make-up is always flawless and that smokey eye is deffo something we would have to practice. But a leather jacket, choker and kitchen knife? Easy.


  1. Ariana Grande by @jamescharles

Totally crushin’ on James Charles recreation of Ariana’s ‘God is a Woman’. Not only is she so fierce and everything we stand for here at Glossypops, this is a modern Halloween look that won’t frighten the party guests. Whether you’re a make-up artist in the making or just looking for some inspiration, the artistic paint strokes don’t require much precision. However, if you can master those purple eyeliner flicks and lip art, you’re onto a winner.


  1. Maleficent by @victorialyn

This Halloween outfit is made for the friend that always dresses in black. Victoria Lyn is the ultimate QWEEN for special effects make-up, we love this Disney re-creation of Maleficent. Your contouring skills have been waiting for this moment to get those cheek bones as sharp as your winged liner.


  1. Violet Beauregarde by @abbyrobertsartistry

“Violet! You’re turning Violet, Violet!” A cute costume for those for those that want to play homage to their fave childhood movie. You just need a tracksuit, blonde wig and a constant supply of bubble gum all night.


  1. Glam clown by @erikamariemua

Why be a scary clown If you can be a glam one? We’re loving Erika’s sequined lips as a fierce update on the classic Halloween costume.


  1. Candy by @beautybyjulia

Not a fan of dressing up and going all out? These cute candy freckles is simple yet in-keeping with a traditional American Halloween theme. You can even match your eye shadow with the sweets to finish off the look.Mermaid by @helenehemera


 7. Mermaid by @helenehemera

We saw mermaids loads last year but this doesn’t mean we’re not obsessed! Use netting to create the texture and your fave blues/purples/pinks to create the underwater makeup. The more glitter and sequins, the better in our opinion. The only way to top Helene’s look is by adding a Cosmic Waves Glossy Pop to the mix. Gloss up!


  1. Trixie Mattel by @aycarter

OBSESSED with anything Trixie related so you can imagine our excitement when we discovered this on the gram. Dress up as your ultimate queen this Halloween and you’ll 100% win best dressed. Don’t be a drag, just be a queen!


  1. Beauty queen by @maureennaudts

Any excuse to dress up like a prom queen and we’re in. Add some fake blood to bring this into the scary season and wear your tiara like you deserve it, because you do.


  1. Beetlejuice by @ashkmakeup

If you’re serious about your Halloween costumes, this one is for you. Put your creative skills to the test and master the green brows and fake mould for this Beetlejuice creation. It’s a good thing graphic prints and tailored jackets are on trend as you’ll be looking on trend at the same time. Bonus!