The Beauty In Vegan

As November World Vegan Month is fast approaching, there has never been a more important time for beauty brands to ditch animal testing and welcome cruelty free and organic products. There’s a reason why we are all becoming more aware of what we are purchasing, and it isn’t just to reassure our guilty conscious. Vegan beauty brands are better suited for sensitive skin as there are fewer ingredients and most of which are natural or organic. They are also better for the environment as brands use recycled materials for packaging.

 Glossy Pops are proud to be both vegan and cruelty free, meaning nothing is tested on animals and all ingredients have gone through extensive tests to ensure they are high quality suitable for everyone. We are an all-inclusive brand, so this only makes sense! As veganism is growing all around the world, we have gathered our top ten fave beauty brands that take pride in being vegan and cruelty free- meaning you feel that little bit better about treating yourself this month.

  1. Glossy Pops


The ultimate 2 in 1 lip gloss and lip balm duo for NYC. Choose from Sweet Yo’ Self and TGI Fruity for a clear balm and sweet-scented gloss or go for an iridescent glitter duo with Cosmic Waves. Here’s another secret; our Studio 54 and Chrome collection involving lipsticks and lip-liners/ lipsticks and glitter glosses will also be vegan and cruelty free! Watch this space as they will be dropping online at the end of the month.


  1. Jeffree Star


Our fave EVER YouTuber/ Instagrammer and beauty guru has made collections of cosmetics we just can’t get enough of. What’s better? They’re vegan obvs!


  1. Spectrum


You may only be thinking vegan products only involve skin care and make-up, but you’d be wrong! Make-up brushes come into the equation and we couldn’t be happier that Spectrum are on the vegan hype! The cutest ever brush sets that will leave everyone jel.


  1. Glossier


The skin care brand and cosmetics company that has taken Instagram by storm is of course, Glossier. The dreamiest packaging, leaving your shelves looking the most Instagrammable. We love the milky-jelly cleansers, leaving our skin feeling clean and refreshed- but of course not using actual milk.


  1. BYBI


BYBI products are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free, giving an extra bonus when the products and packaging are so good to our skin! The ‘babe balm’ tube is even biodegradable and made from sugarcane tubes.


  1. Lush


It’s no surprise that Lush made it onto the list as the brnad has been making cruelty free products for years. They posted an article about a vegan skin care routine which you can read here: (You’re welcome!)


  1. Maui


This shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair silky and smooth, without breaking the bank! The products are widely available from Superdrug and Boots too. Using ingredients such as coconut water and aloe juice gives us confidence straight away that it’s going to do great things to our hair!


  1. Bleach London


One of the top brands for hair dye, Bleach London has vegan products so you can feel even sassier when dying your hair pink this season.