Thank U, Next

You all must have heard Ariana’s new banger ‘thank u, next’. Even more so because of the music video she’s been teasing on social media. We can’t tell you how excited we are- and it’s not even been released yet! Why, you ask, are we are getting giddy about a music video? Because it’s all about re-creating our fav ever childhood movies. We’re talking about the best sleepover movies. Take a look below at the hints and sneak peek in what’s to come.

‘i transferred from Los Angeles, your school has no gymnastics team this issaalast resort ........ ok i’ve never cheered before so what?’ 

Cheerleader movies were a sleepover must have in the noughties. There’s one starring Kirsten Dunst that tops them all. GO TOROS!


If you don’t remember the iconic scene where Elle Woods becomes the fiercest female who doesn’t need a boyfriend, then you’re seriously missing out. Ariana has teased little Bruiser the Chihuahua and Jen Coolidge. A recipe in itself for the perfect music vid, amarite?

Ari dressed as Regina George is a MOOD. It looks as though the plastics are going to be featured in Thank U, Next, with the real OG Aaron Samuels. SHE’S MAKING FETCH HAPPEN.

The movie that we all related to as a teen… and making us want our own Barbie dream house. A re-creation of the best moments of 13 Going On 30 is giving off a whole nostalgic vibe to every 90s girl and is set to be one of the most highly anticipated music videos like ever. We’re expecting this to break the internet – and we can’t wait! We knew there was a reason we loved you, Ari.