Love Island returns to the UK screens on 4th July and for a lot of us this is BIG news. So as we prepare to wave our social lives away for a number of weeks, we're using the time we have to prepare and have created our rundown of our Top 10 Love Island Couples of all time!

We're also going to do a vote over on Instagram Stories to find out what our #GlossyPosse think too!


#1 Olivia and Alex
alex and olivia love island

Season 2 runners-up and still together! We were so excited when Alex came in the villa towards the end of the season and although he was a self-confessed 'player' we had our fingers crossed that he and Liv would end up together and our wishes came true! These two are Glossy Pops HQ faves 'fo sho' and are planning their wedding. Exciting times!

#2 Kem and Amber

kem and amber love island

Season 3 winners. A similar story to the next one you're going to read... These two were super cute but you couldn't help but think that Amber was just in it until someone better came along.. then when she finally got a taste of what life would be like without Kem (and a glimpse into his popularity with the public) it seemed to change her mind and they got together for good. But split up after a few months in the real world... 

#3 Chris and Olivia

chris and olivia love island

Season 3. They caused drama when they got together then continued to cause drama whilst they were together. Between Chris' childishness and Olivia's inability to resist Muggy Mike, it really was frustrating but compelling viewing. One minute you wanted Chris to wake up and smell the coffee and the next you wanted them to work. They actually stayed together after the show but various bust-ups appeared in the press and despite trying to make it work (with their own TV show to boot) they are now over.

#4 Malin and Terry
malin and terry love island

Season 2. Ok, so this was one of the BEST moments in Love Island history but not for the reason your thinking... Malin and Terry got together and we were over the moon as Malin was mint and Terry was smoking hot and such a sweet guy (or so we thought...). Malin gets voted out, and there were tears as the inseparable, perfect duo were to be split apart. The next day another girl comes in the house AND TERRY GETS WITH HER!!!! The nation was shocked, but not as shocked as Terry when Malin came back in on a surprise visit and threw some serious shade.

#5 Marcel and Gabby

marcel and gabby love island

Season 3. Blazin' Squad hunk got with Personal Trainer Gabby and although there was speculation in the house as to whether the romance was genuine on Gabby's part, they lasted outside the house only to split a few weeks ago when Marcel cheated on Gabby - WHILE THEY WERE ON HOLIDAY?!!! Seriously dude. Not cool.

#6 Jamie and Camilla

jamie and camilla love island

Season 3. We thought she'd never find love and we rooted for her and Jonny so far BUT HE BLEW IT!!! Near the end of the series, Calvin Klien model Jamie entered, whisked her off her feet and they are still together now! They do wonderful charity and humanitarian work around the world. Could they BE any more perfect?!

#7 Nathan and Cara
nathan and cara love island towie

Season 2. These two were ADORABLE in the Love Island villa and worthy winners of Season 2. Outside in the real world, we hear that things got tricky and they split up a couple of times but you'll all be pleased to know that Happy Ever After's come true and they are back together and have a little baby boy! They are both regulars on ITV show TOWIE too.

#8 Scott and Kady

scott and lady love island

Season Two. These two surely did know how to make sparks fly, not necessarily always in a good way either. They lasted for quite a while out of the villa but they arent together anymore.


#9 Hannah and Jon

hannah and jon love island towie

Season 1. These two were a joy to watch in the way that they just kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time. They actually got ENGAGED in the villa... erm! They aren't together anymore but you'll probably recognize Jon now he's in TOWIE.

#10 Luis and Cally

luis and cally love island

Season 1 loves young dreams and probably the hottest couple. Once the show was over, their romance continued to flourish and in May last year, they welcomed the first ever Love Island baby - a little girl called Vienna!