Arianators everywhere were quaking in their boots when Grande dropped her new album Sweetener last week. Ariana- who is the third-most-followed person on Instagram (yaaas queen) has the voice of an angel; providing raw and sentimental songs in every album. Sweetener reflects on anxiety, tragedy and her personal love life with fiancé Pete Davidson.


In celebration of her new album release, here are some of our fave songs from the album!



God is a woman:

You’re lying if you say this isn’t in your Spotify playlist. Ariana performed this song at the 33rd annual MTV AMA’s, structuring her performance around Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. A diverse group of women were present- celebrating all shapes, sizes, race and sexuality, and promoting the core values surrounding God is a woman; sexual liberation. Want to feel empowered and a total girl boss? Blast this song full volume for ultimate girl power.



Grande collaborates with Pharrell Williams to bring a powerful love ballard; confidently promising to never let go of her new fiancé Davidson. Blazed instantly reminds us of Ariana’s wide vocal range and capabilities, whilst her high pitched vocals usually dominate her albums, Blazed brings low-key harmonies to the table.


The light is coming:

This fun upbeat song is perfect for a Friday night boogie at the club, oh and it features our queen Nicki Minaj so you know it’s a winner. The backing track is a repetitive voice sampled from an Obamacare debate in Pennsylvania- which admittedly slightly drowns out the focus from Grande herself. However, it’s a truly inventive piece nonetheless, and one that gives us a sense of hope on the darkest of days: “The light is coming, to give back everything the darkness stole”.



Grande’s high-key vocals are prominent in this song, with the beat remaining low and airy. The lyrics are just so fun and carefree: “Yeah, it feels so good to be so young, and have this fun and be successful…and, girl, you too, you are so young, and beautiful and so successful”. Ariana promotes female empowerment and self-love, acknowledging her own confidence and self-worth. However, fans have taken to Twitter to playfully share memes of their “lack of success” and wealth. But I mean if Ariana’s telling us we’re beautiful and successful, we gotta believe it right?! EMPOWER US GIRL!!



This love song makes us feel like we’re reliving our youth, damn those “first loves” who we kept running back to over and over again (despite our brains and bffs telling us to move on). Sorry but we were certain we were gonna marry them okay?! Everytime is contemporary meeting the 90’s- combining recent pop music with an old school vibe, and we’re totally here for it.



Ariana is known for using her voice to raise awareness of feminism, self love and positivity. So it’s no surprise this incredible woman released a song inspired by her own mental health. Ariana sings about the anxiety attacks she was experiencing in the studio: “Feel my blood runnin’, swear the sky’s fallin’/ I keep on breathin’. Despite the track’s upbeat tempo, the songs message is one to be taken seriously.


No tears left to cry:

Everyone’s fave right?! We seriously can’t get over Grande’s voice…like WHY wasn’t we blessed with a voice like this? (No seriously, we sound worse than your drunk uncle on karaoke). Remember when Ariana bossed the 2018 Billboard Music Awards performing this song? She had us dancing to it for days. Again the song captures those 90’s club anthem vibes, and is a mesmerisingly powerful song that debuted in the top ten on the Hot 100 charts for three weeks.


We’re so proud of Ari - she represents everything we stand for!!


What’s your favourite track?