As we reflect on the bank holiday in Manchester and one of our favorite events of the year, we're giving the lo-down of some of the best Pride inspired looks. Whether you like minimal or prefer to look extra AF, social media has given us all the inspo to get us excited for the next pride event. From glitter explosions to rainbow eyebrows (yes, you heard that right) we know that when it comes to pride, the brighter, the better….


Rainbow liner by MUA James Malloy

As if a strong eyeliner flick wasn’t fierce enough, why not make it rainbow? This is a simple idea for those that want a subtle make-up look but still wear all the colors. We love the flick with a small coat of mascara and a natural, thick brow. The shimmer in the liner also makes this extra special for the occasion- just make sure you have a steady hand when applying!


Rainbow brows by Nikkie Tutorials

One of the biggest online influencers and beauty guru’s, Nikkie De Jager (@nikkietutorials) posted this look on Instagram with a heart-felt homage to her little brother.  She goes on to say she wanted “to cheer up those in need of some color and fun” by doing something a little different and quirky. If you’re one to take pride in your brows, then this is the challenge for you; if you can blend the spectrum as well as Nikkie, we salute you!  


Rainbow lashes by Alp Kavasoglu

The professional make-up artist, Alp Kavasoglu (@alpkavasoglu) works primarily for Maybelline New York and came up with this more delicate look for the Pride weekend. His Instagram is filled with a range of natural and creative looks, working it various fields such as editorial and commercial. The combination of the boy-brow and glossy texture make this the Glossy Pops ultimate pride look!  This is great for those that want something simple- the only problem being sourcing multi-colored mascara… An option is to buy rainbow false lashes (we’ve worn these for Halloween a fair few times) or to turn experimenting with colored eye shadow and clear mascara.


Glitter tears by Aumi

Found on festival fashion page @auminyc, we can’t resist a bit of sparkle for Pride. This simple look works best with minimal, barely-there make-up. And the best thing yet? It doesn’t require much skill or money, what’s not to love?


All out rainbow by James Charles

We all know that James Charles is incredibly talented when it comes to creating bright rainbow inspired looks. His feed is filled with fun, creative inspiration that make us seriously question our own make-up skills (we have no idea how he looks flawless EVERY SINGLE TIME). If you’re feeling brave and ready to go all out, then this level of extra is perfect for you. Rainbow eye-shadow will be all over the crowd, but the colored dots adds that extra bit of creativity to get you noticed.


ASOS Crayola Make-up

If you’re wondering where to get the brightest make-up from, ASOS have recently released a Crayola beauty campaign inspired by the waxy crayons we used to use a kid. Minus that gross waxy smell and feel on your hands (if you know, you know) these are a fun way to pack a punch into your make-up look- they also have the cutest branding. We love to share creative ideas so multi-colored freckles were a no-brainer for the inspiration list. Freckles are known for being ultra-fashionable this season, so if you don’t have them naturally- fake it ‘till you make it, hun.


Rainbow lips by @iluvsarahii

Karen Sarahi Gonzalez, otherwise known as @iluvsarahii created these mesmerizing rainbow lips for the weekend. The photo speaks for itself but if you’re wanting to go that extra mile, top it up with GlossyPops gloss and make those lips shine.