The annual MTV Music Video Awards deserves the crown for being the most talked about award shows of all time; we’re thinking about the time Kanye interrupted Taylor Swifts acceptance speech, Miley Cyrus awkwardly twerked on Robin Thicke and Lady Gaga wore an outfit entirely made from raw meat. Let’s just say it’s always… eventful. At the 2018 show, we noticed a large portion of well dressed, sophisticated celebs on the red carpet and only a few WTF moments (Amber Rose, we’re looking at you). The biggest names in media such as Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande and Blake Lively all made appearances, looking flawless and demonstrating an all-star event. After a variety of performances, some more shocking than others, we’re here to give you the highlights and most memorable moments of this year’s VMA awards.

First up has to begin with the start of the show, opening with Cardi B flaunting her new hair and crazy good post-baby bod. After stepping out of the media lime-light in recent weeks, she emerged looked incredible in a figure-hugging, purple velvet dress, serving as one of the best dressed at the entire awards show. However, it was her walk on stage breastfeeding new-born baby that really got us talking. It wouldn’t be the first time the event did something outrageous, but when she revealed the ‘baby’ to be a VMA trophy, we honestly weren’t that surprised. Cardi went on to winning the best new artist award and we couldn’t be happier for the new mother. She openly labelled herself as an ‘empress’ last night, and to be honest-who are we to disagree?!



Camila Cabello surprised us as all after winning multiple awards, one of which being the artist of the year, beating Drake, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. After splitting from pop group Fifth Harmony in 2016, the singer totally hit back with ‘Havana’ and told crowds “I can’t believe this is for me” in her acceptance speech.

Ariana Grande was photographed on the red carpet with fiancé Pete Davidson, looking completely loved up. After letting us know that God is a woman, her routine involved a rendition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper with female backing dancers posing as Jesus’ disciples. The female unity within the act heightened when she brought out family members on stage (mother Joan and cousin Lani) holding hands as a united front. The performance involved over 50 back up dancers and served as a tribute to Ariana’s family.  The singer looked out for fellow artist, Nicki Minaj, when going on stage ensuring she doesn’t trip on her long dress. Even though we LIVE for embarrassing moments (like when Madonna fell on stage at the Brit Awards in 2015), we love to see the girls support girls attitude, showing just who run the world.

Pop queen J-Lo also gave an unreal performance involving a medley of her most iconic songs such as, Jenny From The Block and Love Don’t Cost a Thing. If that wasn’t nostalgic enough, Ja Rule made an appearance and sang with Jennifer as part of the show. The ten-minute routine showed off her talent for incredible dancing and she went on to winning the MTV Annual Vanguard Award, which was renamed in honor of Michael Jackson. Her red-carpet look slayed this year as she emerged in a metallic Versace dress, the ultimate glam vibe with a body we’re completely envious of.