K-Pop On The Scene

If you haven’t yet heard of K-Pop, then you’re seriously missing out. It is fair to say it has become one of the fastest growing genres of music, and one we certainly can get on board with. Sure, it’s a little cheesy, but who doesn’t love a catchy pop song? Especially one that doesn’t require months of learning rap verses and complex tongue twisters. Korean Pop stars such as BTS won ‘best international group’ at the Teen Awards and NCT went on to winning various awards at the American Music Awards. It's clear to see these Asian pop groups are branching out world-wide, and we couldn’t be happier.

What makes this genre of music so great you ask? Well aside from their super catchy songs (prepare to get these stuck in your head all day long) they have incredible music video sets that put our British artists to shame. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for the killer dance routines by the likes of Beyoncé or those moody power ballad videos with over dramatized storylines. However, the K-Pop scene is the way forward in terms of creativity, color and fun.


Despite BTS being one of the biggest boy-bands in the world right now, it’s the gals of the K-Pop world that we’re loving. Group ‘Black Pink’ have teamed up with Dua Lipa on a track called ‘kiss and make up’. Not only is Black Pink the first all-female Korean pop group (yass to the girl power!) the single released is also bilingual, meaning we can sing along to ~almost~ all of the words- bonus! As the track was only released on 19th they don’t have a music video yet. However, it topped the iTunes music chart in 21 different countries- the video is just something to look forward to!

From up-beat, funky dance tracks, to something a little more serious. Wendy, well known for being member of group ‘Red Velvet’ has joined John Legend for a duet called ‘Written in the Stars’. This is the part we take back that comment about the music videos being all about creativity and fun. This one is moody and cinematic with dim red lighting and a sensitive story line. The acoustics, again very different from the stereotypical K-Pop song as they are stripped back to compliment the love story. Perhaps it’s the John Legend touch or the fact K-Pop is embracing American genres of music. Which-ever one it is, we’ve still got it on repeat.

‘Twice’ is another girl K-pop group to look out for. The nine-member group have earnt eight consecutive number ones in Asia as well as America. Their social media network is huge with almost 7 million followers on Instagram and 3 million subscribers on YouTube. This doesn’t include the 206 million views on music video ‘what is love’ and their uh-mazing music video that references some our all-time fave movies. Pulp Fiction, Romeo and Juliet, La La Land, and The Princess Diaries name a few of the films reenacted by the girl band.

We’re a sucker for a good dance scene, so this was a treat- as well as a total surprise for the Korean band using classic American movies as inspiration. A definite recommendation. We can’t wait to see what’s next for the K-Pop genre- the next collaboration? The next music videos? But know to keep your eyes on this music style as it’s sure to stick around.