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Instagram is filled with beautiful images of make-up looks, tutorials and ‘picture perfect’ bloggers that make us seriously envy their skill, and let’s be honest, sometimes their life. The latest beauty trend taking the internet by storm has been designed to challenge this perfect perception of Instagram- and we can’t get enough of it. First beginning with Dominic Porras, the trend involves showing off your make-up skills- we love the bronze eyes with big lashes combo- and framing it in an Instagram box. The rest of the face stays au naturel, whether this is keeping make-up to the center of the face like Dominic or simply doing one eye for a dramatic comparison.

Despite loving the beautifully contoured skin and dramatic, statement eyes (those cut creases and contrasting colors are CRAZY good), the message behind the movement goes to show that a lot of it does come down to practice, skill and great lighting. Social media has notoriously been criticized for portraying unrealistic images, blurring the lines between what is real- and who can blame us? We rarely see selfies of women bare faced and natural- everything is constantly highlighted and flawless. It is so easy to get sucked into the social world and instead of inspiring, we begin to feel a little deflated that our appearance and beauty skills don’t quite match up. This ‘insta-ception’ theme separates the Instagram life to real life in one image, visually showing how social media may not always be a true representation, proving that we’re all beautiful in our own unique way.


Dominic Porras and Abby Roberts were the few to kickstart the trend, however more and more influential Instagrammers have been jumping on the band-wagon.


We can totally credit these amazing make-up artists for their skills, that will no doubt take hours and hours of hard work and practice. But we love it even more that the industry is finally opening up to talking about what is actually real. We are our own worst critic when it comes to appearance, so this is a step towards boosting self-esteem and encouraging self-love; and who better to do it than the Instagrammers with millions of followers…

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