With a multi-billion-dollar cosmetic company and a single sponsored Instagram post costing a reported $1 million, there’s no wonder why King Kylie is the youngest ever self-made billionaire. As Kylie celebrates her 21st birthday today, we reflect on how far the young star has come, from being involved in Keeping Up With The Kardashians to becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs and a mother - Is there anything she can’t do?

She is constantly in the public eye with a 112 million following (and counting) on Instagram; even taking a backseat on the Kardashian tv series caused a stir in the media with proposed explanations for being MIA. Her recent cover on Forbes magazine further exposed Kylie as a business woman instead of just a social media star – talk about girl power!

For being one of our favorite style icons and giving us major beauty inspo, we look back on her best Instagram posts right back before those iconic lips;


1. The sweet and innocent girl that was Kim, Khloe and Kourtney’s little sister.

2. Graduating from high school like a regular teenager, proving that she’s just like the rest of us (sort of).

3. The coolest poolside vibes and festival hair inspo.

4. Remember that time when Tyga bought Kylie a Ferrari for her 18th? Meanwhile I can’t even get a text back. Here’s a picture of the couple at Kris’ 1920’s themed birthday party.


5. On Halloween when she looked more that Christina Aguilera than Christina Aguilera.

6. Despite her flawless make-up, we can’t get enough of her natural look (the cutest freckles). IT’S NOT FAIR, YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH.

7. When she changed her hair color… a million times.


"Im not a regular mom I'm a cool mom"

8. When the whole world went crazy about her absence on social media and KUWTK and then she announced the news on Instagram. Meanwhile, Kris was rubbing her hands together and reeling in the profits.

9. That time a baby looked like the most fashionable prop.


10. The photo that has broken the record for the most liked photo on Instagram EVER with 18 million likes and counting.

At the ripe young age of 21, it’s pretty amazing to see how far Kylie has come. With over 5,000 posts, it was difficult to whittle it down to just 10. We even had to miss out pictures wither her sisters and her Italian Greyhound pooch, Norman. The likes on each post have grown from a few hundred thousand to tens of millions on a single photo. Bets on Stormi can beat her Instagram likes in the future? Or maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves…