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As we say goodbye to the City of Lights and our time at Cosmoprof, *wipes away tear*, we reflect on the most incredible weekend and the long-awaited US launch of Glossypops.

As you can imagine, our stand at the trade show had everything your Glossy Posse could ever want, including a pink Statue of Liberty replica standing in all its glory…


We even dressed her up in with Glossy Pops so she looked the part!

Whatever your make-up style or mood, we displayed a full range of lip balms and lipsticks from our up-coming collections, TGI Fruity, Sweet Yo’ Self, Chrome and Cosmic Waves. Whether you have a sweet tooth or more of a killer red lip kinda girl, you can take a look on our website or head to the blog post; Know Your Glossypops-



Throughout the three days we met loads of people excited about the brand and even saw a glimpse of Paris Hilton (total life goals, amirite?) who launched her skincare line at this year’s Cosmoprof. We are in awe of her fierce red jumpsuit, showing us all how to make an entrance. Flashbacks from our teenage years of watching The Simple Life came flooding back; unfortunately, Nicole Richie didn’t make an appearance.


Photo credit: CelebMafia, Glossypops Instagram stories


The Las Vegas trade show hosts to some of the biggest brands, including Swarovski. We literally wanted EVERYTHING from their stand as they take luxury to a whole new meaning. Hair dryers, straighteners, curling wands, hair brushes, you name it, it’s going to be crystal encrusted. We completely fell in love with the Swarovski white spa chair that not only cost a whopping $40,000 but also had over 70k Swarovski crystals over the stand and seat. Our exciting collaboration with Swarovski is something to keep an eye out for. Without giving too much away, make sure to look out for updates on social channels, blogs and emails!


At Glossypops, we take pride in our inclusive brand and make sure no one is left out of the Glossy Posse. Mirage, a Las Vegas queen, helped our team to show beauty has no gender or race.



For more image and stories from the (best ever) weekend in Las Vegas, head to our highlights on our Instagram page.

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