One of our fave ever online stores have opened a brand-new flagship store in Fairfax, Los Angeles! With its location carefully selected for its quirky surroundings and trend-setting heritage, the actual building itself is a 6,000sq ft space set to replicate a nightclub with exposed brick interiors and uncoated floors. Not to mention the huge sound-system inside, Dolls Kill takes the shopping experience to a whole new level inspired by night clubs, festivals and rave culture.

The Dolls Kill brand is notorious for being loud, vibrant and just generally that ‘cool girl’ vibe. Their social channels, particularly Instagram showcases a fun alternative style of fashion that steers clear from the mainstream online retailer aesthetic. We can’t get enough of the all-inclusive brand motto that prides itself on encouraging self-expression, much like the Glossy Pops brand values. So much in fact, that they’re going to be stocking Glossy Pops in the near future! Talk about a match made in heaven AMIRITE.


The opening night of Dolls Kill on the 18th and 19th August, as you can imagine, was all kinds of crazy. Customers and fans of the brand queued down the road to try and get into the event and join the hype. We’re more than gutted we couldn’t make an appearance *wipes away tear* as the store literally became a nightclub to promote the brand- neon lights, dancers, drinks, the whole shebang

“The Dolls Kill IDGAF attitude – rooted in art, music, and culture – plays heavily into the Los Angeles store experience,” – says Dolls Kill as they take pride in setting new standards for the shopping experience (pretty much putting everyone else to shame). The store itself will carry collections from its five in-house brands; Club Exx, Current Mood, Poster Grl, Widow, and Sugar Thrillz and retail some of their favorite third-party brand such as Doc Martens and Lazy Oaf. Some items will be made exclusive to the LA store which is a huge bonus for the locals!


We certainly can’t wait to visit!