We joined CC Clarke on Friday to celebrate the launch of her new and debut single ‘A Little More’ at Tape London.

CC Clarke is a total babe and best known for her YouTube and Instagram makeup tutorials where she often brakes out into song mid application which we’re down for as her voice is AMAZE so it made total sense when she announced that she would be releasing a single. And what a track it is, it’s poppy, upbeat and soulful a real feel good tune so we were very excited about hearing CC sing it live.

We made our way down to London and headed for a quick Martini at Claridges, as it was a special occasion after all, before heading through Mayfair towards Tape London, (One of Drake’s favourite clubs in London, and if it’s good enough for Drake…!!) We spotted it right away as the red carpet called us closer and the hosts welcomed us in. We were taken through to the club and the party vibe was in full swing. The room was cosy and intimate, filled with the most gorgeous guys and gals all with huge excited smiles when CC made her grand entrance. CC was dressed in Missguided and ASOS and rocking a Clueless-esque yellow plaid, pleated mini skirt, a graphic crop Tee and an aqua blue textured jacket, she looked immense. Maybelline were on hand to top up everyone’s makeup and The Gypsy Shrine were getting everyone GLIT and ready to party, and people were definitely ready to party!!

A few familiar faces popped in to congratulate CC, Montana and Georgia from Love Island both looking fabulous, cheered CC on whilst she welcomed everyone.

CC took to the stage and gushed about how thankful she was for everyone’s support and excitedly announced that she has a top 40 single, a truly amazing achievement. She currently is not part of a label and has rocketed in to the charts through her hard work and loyal fanbase. Once the applause subsided, she opened up with her debut single ‘A little more’ the whole room erupted with cheers and whoops, everyone seems so happy to see her perform which seemed to come so naturally. ‘No Filter’ then followed, a song that she said was about her and how she’s learned to deal with her social media fame.

CC stepped down from the stage and the DJ took over and the party continued, well into the night – or so I’m told. We were very well behaved and took ourselves off for some beauty sleep and we left the others to dance the night away!

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