A happy girl is a pretty girl.’ Audrey Hepburn told us many years ago and it is as true now as it was back then. Being happy and comfortable within your skin is the most beautiful thing ever. Looking into our beauty regime we wanted more inclusivity, more streamlined routines, and more of a focus on beauty as self-care and something we can have loads of fun with. We’ve done a roundup of what we see to be the biggest beauty trends coming in our most beautiful year yet.




Redefining beautiful are fierce ladies such as Winnie Harlow who are taking the beauty industry by storm, showing us that we do not need to conform to societies unrealistic idea of beauty, rather than hiding away our “flaws” we are embracing them and celebrating them in the way that we should.




Rihanna broke the mould in late 2017 by releasing her 40-shade line of Fenty foundations, making it crystal clear to beauty lovers everywhere that they shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the perfect match. The Fenty foundation shades have rocked the beauty industry and companies are starting to follow suit and about time too!




Nail art is nothing new but this season everyone from Jeremy Scott to Helmut Lang are seen to be having some serious fun with them, Logo nails, leopard print nails, three-dimensional appliques had a starring role at Libertine's show and glossy back nails with three-dimensional sparkle have been spotted backstage at the Phillip Plein show, bookmark these images and take them down to the nail salon STAT.




Glitter dominated the spring runways, Anna Sui, Journe, and Stella Jean particularly championing the trend throughout their shows. Big brands like Urban Decay, MAC and Kylie have all released glitter lines in recent months. We’ve been a huge fan of The Gypsy Shrine who have perfected the glitter festival look, check out their looks here.




Move over matte lips, because lipgloss is making a comeback in 2018 and the glossier the better. We’re talking high shine and no holds barred lip art, glitter, gems, metallics. GET IT GIRL.