Beauty Is All Inclusive

On Monday the world celebrated International Men’s Day, aimed to promote gender equality, mental health, gender relations and highlight their contributions to communities and every day society. At Glossy Pops, we are focused on being an all-inclusive brand therefore disagree with our products being solely promoted towards women. 2018 has been a huge year and a giant step towards gender equality, especially in the beauty industry as more male makeup artists have took center stage as being the biggest influencers in the world. Whilst their highlight shines bright, we can’t even get our eyeliner flicks even (the struggle is REAL). Despite our burning envy of their makeup skills – James Charles, were looking at you- we are inspired every day to try something new with our make-up routine and test new brands on the market. We’ve been taking a look at cosmetics and beauty companies, other than Glossy Pops, that focus on promoting their products towards the beauty community-and not just women. We’re all about the GIRL POWER, but this year, it’s all about PEOPLE POWER.


Fluide is a relatively new cosmetics brand on the market that promotes itself as being for everyone- including all gender expressions and skin tones. Their Instagram is a fresh take on beauty, featuring real men and women and bright, creative make-up. Not only this, a percentage of each sale goes towards a non-profit organization focused on LGBT health and advocacy.   


Jessica Blackler founded JECCA Cosmetics as a way to bridge the gap between make-up for men and women. The brand began focusing on skin-based cosmetics by releasing ‘Correct & Conceal’ which acts as a colour correcting base, removing the appearance of beard shadows, acne and other blemishes. Their branding focuses on flawless skin for everyone with a strapline ‘A unisex makeup line and so much more, JECCA help to break down stigma, inspire confidence and encourage conversation.’



3INA focuses on something more than unisex makeup and beauty, they talk about being vegan, cruelty free, ethically sourced, eco conscious and sustainable packaging. Their branding is clean and photography using a range of models. The Instagram is fun too, using colour and branding to “champion anti-glamour and gender neutrality”.