We are loving the broad range of musical acts at this year’s Tramlines Festival in Sheffield, including acts from Noel Gallagher’s High-Flying Birds, Craig David, Stefflon Don, Mabel, Blossoms and loads more. A big highlight for us was watching rock band PINS perform on the Library stage Sunday evening, showing exactly what girl power stands for. Not only does their energy on stage make an exciting set with a real oomph, they also do it in style. Despite giving us serious style envy and fighting the urge to ask for personal fashion tips, we were lucky enough to meet the band and chat all things music- from the biggest crowd they’ve played to, to their most embarrassing moments…



Photo credits: @ost_tm, @wearepins

There’s an impressive line-up at this year, who are you most excited to be playing amongst?

Lois: Black Honey are on, we’ve played with them a few times though

Faith: They’re playing after us, so we want to stick around and watch them.

Lois: I want to check out Sophie And The Giants as well.


Where do you look for inspiration?

Lois: Musically? Everywhere really!

Faith: We go watch bands all the time, so I suppose we get a bit of influence from whatever were watching at the time.

Lois: Thinking of it as all one big thing, you could get inspiration from the sunglasses you’re wearing or your jeans or what you’re playing, it’s just everywhere.


Do you write songs together?

Lois: We have been doing the last couple of weeks but sometimes people write at home or sometimes we play together.


Do you think being an all-girl band has helped or hindered your career?

Lois: I’d say I don’t have a perspective from the other side… I feel like there’s a lot of change, encouraging a lot of women to try and do more stuff in general not just in music, like engineering, science, everything. I think, in society, women are held back a bit for one reason or another.  

Faith: I find it annoying when people sort of suggest, not you [laughs], that being in an all-female band might be helpful when there’s a million people trying to stop you from doing anything because you’re an all-female band. I don’t know, I just think if the band is doing well, it’s because they’re a good band when they’re male or female. That’s what I hope anyway.


Who are you listening to at the moment? Any new sounds or albums you’re liking?

Lois: I’ve been listening to dance music a little bit actually, like electronic artists and techno.

Faith: I’ve been re-visiting Nick Cave because we saw him play at In-Music Festival. We saw St. Vincent there as well so I delved into that.

Anna: Also, next weekend we’ve got a day off so we’re going to go and watch Afghan Sand Gang from Manchester, they’re supporting The Rhythm Method who are really cool- we’re excited to go and see that. 

Lois: And Happy Meal Limited as well, they’ve just released a new EP which you should go check out.


Where did the name PINS come from? Does it stand for anything?

Lois: Not really, it wasn’t planned.

Faith: We wanted a short name and it looked good on a t-shirt, so we thought yeah we’ll have that’…We liked it because pins mean legs and our friend told us that it’s a northern word.

Lois: We could make a backwards acronym… but all I can think of for ‘P’ is Penis [Laughs].

Anna: ‘S’ would definitely stand for Sexy. 


What’s next for the band? Do you have anything lined up for the future?

Faith: We’ve been working on our album so there’s a lot of stuff going on there.


How long have you been working on that?

Lois: Three years! It’s taken bloody ages… Yeah, we keep writing new songs and adding to the album so it’s been a long process but we can’t wait to release it. We’re thinking of leaking it ourselves [laughs].


Do you get nervous before big festival gigs?

All together: Noooooo [laughs].


Did you used to?

Faith: When we first ever played a gig, I don’t know if you play music at all, but after the first time it’s just fun because what’s really going to go wrong? I’ll forget the words, or I’ll fall over? So what, I do that every day of the year [laughs].

Lois: I hit my head on a speaker once when I was showing off and I thought well that’s the most embarrassing thing, like how much more embarrassing can it get?

Faith: Yeah once I had the microphone and whacked myself straight in the mouth, you’re just like ‘ohh well, hope that’s not bleeding… ohh yeah it is’ [laughs].

Lois: Fergie wet herself on stage so that would be more embarrassing. Hopefully we won’t get to that point! [Laughs]

Faith: I don’t know because you’re exposed anyway, and you do it because you want to do it…


Yeah, if it’s something that you love doing then you just enjoy yourself…

Faith: I just compare it to other stuff, like this is something that I chose to do.

Lois: It is really fun!

Faith: And to me it doesn’t matter if it’s for 10 people or whatever the biggest crowd is we’ve ever had…

Anna: We had a quiet one in Ireland once and we just went for it and had a great time like dancing with the crowd.

Faith: And that’s more awkward than playing to loads of people- you can just see the whites in everyone’s eyes, but you just think ‘fuck it, let’s do it!’.


What’s the biggest crowd you’ve actually played for?

Faith: I’m trying to think because we did Reading and Leeds…Stereophonics in Cardiff was bloody massive.

Lois: I don’t know how many, but the capacity was 35,000. I don’t think it was full but even if it was half full, it was a lot of people.


Did you play small, intimate gigs when you first started out?

Faith: Yeah but even in our first shows, loads of people came so we’ve never really had that awkward situation.

Lois: You have a couple where you’re like ‘urrrrgh there’s not many people here’ but I don’t think we can remember those gigs.

Faith: How many times do you see a band and there’s only like two people there. When I go to watch gigs like that I just think it’s better- I get a better view…It’s when you come to places like this and you think people have actually bothered to watch, it’s great!


Check out the PINS Instagram (@wearepins) and follow for cool photos and updates on latest tours and info. Their up-coming album is not to be missed!



Blog written for WAM Social.