It's Burning Man weekend! Whether you want to undergo a spiritual transformation or just need an excuse to wear that shiny hot pink bodysuit that’s been sitting in your closet, Burning Man is your bag. But what do you pack for this vast and obscure festival in the middle of the Nevada desert?

  • Water: Write it on a list. Write it on your wall. Write it on your freaking forehead. In Black Rock Desert, the environmental is literally trying to kill you. It will slam you with dust, wind, frigid temperatures, powerful heat, and try its best to turn you into a dehydrated human raisin. Bring enough water to fill up a pool. Bring more water than you ever thought you’d drink in your life…and even if you don’t drink it all, that water will surely earn you plenty of friends!
  • Clothing:  The weather is not predictable. Some years, it’s comfortable to wear a bikini top and short-shorts all night. During others, Burning Man becomes a huge dusty icebox. Feel free to overestimate (and underestimate) the weather, and pack for both! 
  • No Money: The only things you can purchase with legal tender at Burning Man are ice and coffee. Everything else is self-sufficient off the gifting system.
  • Dust Protection: Things like goggles, bandanas, and anything else you may need to protect your body from the elements. Dust THRIVES at Burning Man…so be prepared for the worst.

  • Body Lights: Despite all the sounds and colours of night at Burning Man, you’re going to need to light yourself up. Deck yourself out in portable string lights, glow sticks, or even glow in the dark paint.Make yourself visible for safety reasons b ut make sure you have some fun doing it!
  • Wet Wipes: Your sweaty, dust-covered body – and your friends – will thank you.

  • Bike or Scooter :  Burning Man takes place on a 7-mile patch of the Black Rock Desert, which makes traveling by foot for one week a less than smart choice. But when your bring your bike / scooter, make sure to deck it out! Not only will this distinguish your ride from the thousands of other bikes, but it will also maximize your Burning Man experience. Grab some holographic duct tape or maybe throw on a mini disco ball
  • Moisturizer: Considering the dust, nonstop sun and other forces of desert nature, you’re going to want to constantly rehydrate your skin. 
  • Everything Else: Make a list of anything you’d bring to survive in the desert for an entire week, and bring every item. You’d rather be overpacked then depending on “gifts” to survive! Include everything from food to feather boas. The more research you do, the more ready you’ll be to have the (burning) time of your life!

If you haven’t already been dusting off your 80s prom dress and ordering a tinsel wig online whilst reading the intro, get to it. 

In fact, besides this guide, the only thing you’ll need is your tickets!